Prestige Mag

Why ?

With 90000 printed magazines being distributed in the areas selected, and an online listing which anyone and everyone can search and find. This online listing also ads value to your website or social media pages as it lends a backlink, which is what Google and other search engines look for.

Once listed you are added to a listing directory, which can always be available in the past listings area.

Who ?

For now all those in the distribution areas can enlist. So whether you have a company, a business or a shop front window you can register for the printed magazines and online listing.

Even if you work from home and need that extra exposure to help get the word out and spread your service or product then don't delay, register today.

View the distribution areas HERE

What ?

Only your company or business details, as well as your contact details, and image or two depending on your designed advert.

Sign up a the 3 or 6 distribution method and make the small payment required. Our proffetional team will assist you all the way.