Prestige Mag

About Us

Here at Prestige we believe that your business image is just as important as the quality of services or products that you provide to your clients. That is why we made it possible for you to advertise in our Premium A4, full colour gloss magazine of the highest quality finishing. Not only do you get wide exposure through a printed copy but you also benefit from our online marketing medium.

Our magazine is aimed at clients who want good value for getting their brand, services and products out to their target market as a low cost, high quality advertising option.

Our magazine gets distributed once every 2 months by a dedicated and trustworthy team to all accessible households thus making your ad more personal than any other similar advertising method. Your online marketing advertising will run 24 hours a day for the entire period that you sign up and gets managed by our dedicated web design team.

What makes Prestige Magazine different from other add magazines?

Our offering also includes the digital marketing component, uplifting your online presents and extending your digital lead generation streams. Our marketing team also offers professional advice to insure maximum return on investment, generate leads and will personally be involved with your targets and goals maximising revenue to insure new business.

On a personal note, the team will also compose an interactive blog focused on the company, to keep your clients up to date with the all latest offerings, giving them the opportunity to interact with the company on a more personalized level.

We pro-actively distribute 70,000 copies in the direct region of your geographical area.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee, great return on investment!
* We guarantee maximum exposure to insure business growth
* We provide a profitable marketing opportunity, extending your digital marketing presents and doubling your exospore through the magazine.
* We guarantee a personalized relationship and involvement with our partners.
* New ideas and staying on top of new business and market opportunities.

Hard copy (magazine):

1. We have tested every method to make sure that your ad gets the widest exposure in the area that you are advertising in.
2. It is a proven that a high quality magazine has an 80% better chance to be read than any other form of media in the same category.
3. A high quality magazine has a 75% better chance to be kept in a household environment for future reference.
4. Our supervisors makes sure that our magazines are distributed with care while also considering the environment.
5. We are a company that care about the environment and we contribute in the aid of planting trees. We support a responsible and sustainable production of paper.

Online marketing:

6. Full page ad:
    a. Your completed Company Profile (includes a full description of your products / services) gets added to your profile and a link to your website will be available for clients.
    b. A high Res (300 dpi) logo will be displayed at all times.
    c. 10x social media links will be added to your profile.
    d. You Tube video link of your company ad are included on the website.
    e. A Google map for clients to find you easier.
    f. You will receive full page cover exposure making your business stand out from the rest.
    g. You will receive a top scrolling banner on the front page of our website to maximize your exposure.
    h. You will receive space for clients to download the links that you add (a pricelist, specials, vouchers, etc.).
7. Half page ad:
    This is valid for (a), (b), (e), 4x social media links and 2x additional links.
8. Quarter page ad:
    This is valid for (a) with no logo, only a company name, a short description of your company, 1x social media link and (e).
9. Business card ad:
    Only your company name, contact details and a brief company description will be displayed.
10. You can make one free change during your sign up period for promotions or specials you wish to launch.
11. Your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr which gets shared on our website and further online media giving your business maximum exposure.
12. Your listing or ad gets distributed through our email newsletter on a bi monthly basis.
13. You will receive statistical feedback every month about traffic going through your details and website.
14. Your business details will remain on our database and website with no expiry date making it possible for clients to view our directory online at any time.

Our team:

15. We have an in-house designer to help you with your ad designs at a marginal additional fee.
16. We won’t charge you for artwork or designs (given to us) that you change per issue.
17. Our sales team are highly efficient and will advise on the right positioning for your ad.
18. There are no other hidden fees for your ad to be placed in our magazine.
19. Our online media team monitor and maintain our website on a daily basis making sure that ads are exposed to the maximum during online traffic and online feeds.
20. Receive proactive feedback and advice on how to receive maximum return on investment for your business.